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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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protestors out on a ledge... and you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. , and how police handled the crowd after the sun went down protestors out on a ledge and angry. their demands and how police handled the crowd after the sun went down. >> months after the san bruno pipeline explosion major changes, how pg&e is promising to keep you safe. the slippery business of picking fish. what costco is pulling off its shelves. a little spider turning into a major problem. how it is putting so mazdas at risk. >> i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. they spent nearly 7 hours chipped to the building ledge 4 stories up. >> but less than 90 minutes ago a standoff at uc berkeley came to an end. joe vasquez shows us protestors got more than they bargained for. >> reporter: dana the stakes were pretty high. they face jail time and some
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serious academic punishment. instead the protestors out on the ledge walked out free tonight. dozens of police officers in riot beer marched towards the steps of wheeler hall. they sprayed pepper spray, protestors moved over to the west side of the steps and held their ground. >> we're sitting here and started getting kicked and pushed, i was grabbed by my neck, pushed also, people were falling all over us and we were getting beat. >> reporter: the demonstration began hours earlier when protestors literally bent out on a ledge, 6 of them chained themselves together and stood on a wide platform outside the 4th floor of wheeler hall. their comrades used a rope to lift up supplies like food and water. the police grabbed one through a window and alerted him
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leaving 8 on the ledge. they say they are angry to the budget cuts to the university of california system. they are also upset about layoffs. for hours they occupied the entire front steps of the building. classes were canceled. police declared it an unlawful assembly and ordered the crowd to disperse. >> if you do not you are subject to arrest. >> reporter: but they stayed and talked to administration officials for several hours. then, about 9:30, the demonstrators came down from the ledge and were released. no handcuffs, no arrests. they say they successfully negotiated a settlement that keeps them from going to jail. >> they agreed to the, the demonstration, administration, to have a town hall meeting and talk to the students and teachers and workers and have an open dialogue. >> reporter: campus police tell me they were issued citations, they will have to face a judge but they were not sent to jail. they'll get letters in their academic files.
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they also negotiated, dana, some -- instead of having to go through a matter of hearings for some past actions including one in november 2009, they now have the potential for getting probation for those answer actions, a much lesser punishment than they were facing. i wonder if the protestors got the sens they would have thisthon hall meeting very soon. >> reporter: no date was given but their meeting with the chancellor, they are going to have a town hall meeting. it's actually pretty surprising they were able to get their demands met so quickly. you know. won one terse whether the university wanted this thing to be done with by tonight. >> hopefully that town hall meeting will be open to the press and we'll get a peek inside of that as well. >> i hope so. >> joe vasquez in berkeley, thank you. some major changes coming to the way that pg&e deals with gas pipeline safety. this after three days of ntsb hearings in washington on the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the company officials said that this morning they would be
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sending safety information by mail to anyone living within 2000 feet of a pipeline. they will also begin installing automatic shut off valves on their system. at one point an industry analyst referred to possible defects on the san bruno pipeline as an anomaly. that led to a strongly worded response from san bruno's city manager. >> i'm confident that citizens of san bruno would find this a very difficult position or conclusion to accept. if only because it could diminish the urgency with which the various issues under discussion these last three days are fully addressed. >> well the ntsb expects to release their final report on the san bruno blast in the next few months. >> san carlos the board that oversees caltrans declared a fiscal emergency. that will make it easier for them to raise fares and reduce services as it faces a $30
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million deficit. they are considering scrapping weekend trains, shutting down service at 7:00 bay area stations, and cutting the number of weekday trains nearly in half. a decision could come next month. a body found in the back yard of a woman's home in novato is her missing husband. today novato police confirmed it is dale smith. he hadn't been seen since september. investigators found his body last month four feet under a recently-built barbecue. they are still working on the cause of death. police consider smith's wife, evelyn, a person of interest. costco customers may not like it but it's seen as a big win for environmentalists. the big box store will stop selling fish considered to be threatened by over harvesting. kiet do on costco's plan to help save certain species. kiet? >> reporter: they have prided
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themselves on the wide variety they carry or don't carry. you'll find salmon tilapia and catfish but they have now banned several that are considered to be at risk. there are some fish you will not find at costco any more, either fresh or frozen, and the list has expanded to 12 including chilean sea bass, orange ruffy and shark. they say sales of the species is on hold until they find more reliable sources. it came from green peace who flew this over their headquarters in washington. they said if it's not right we're not going to carry it. if we want to stay in business selling fish 50 years from now we need to take care of our oceans today. >> this was great. >> ken peterson with the monterey bay aquarium applauds the decision and says it's part of a wider corporate trend
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towards sustainability. for example last year others started selling just wild- caught salmon. >> when you get walmart and all these organizations saying we're going to switch the way we source seafood what they are doing is saying to their suppliers "we want you to produce this fish in a different way." >> reporter: costco customers agreed. >> i think it's a great move and it's long in coming. i think costco should have implemented it a long time ago. >> reporter: as costco says, good business is taking care of the present and the future. and when we when we asked if they were concerned about losing customers because of this they said no. a bc f, they are thinking about dropping the letter d from the grading scale. they think it will help students in the long run.
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[ yelling ] >> in the movies as in life d is a passing grade. imperial passing but passing. >> a d grade doesn't represent the quality of learning that students need to go forward in life. >> reporter: so san mateo high schools like a handful of others around the nation are talking about getting rid of the d grade. >> at a time when the federal government, the state government, everybody in society is saying "we need to get students to pro efficient, a d is far below pro efficient." >> school board peter hanley says you either have a grasp of the subject or you don't. if you don't get a c you should fail. >> there are a number of students that look at what's the minimum i need to do to get through this course and i think there is a lot of students, who instead of there was not a d grade, would get a c because that's the minimum they need to get through the ours. >> they get a d grade it tells
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us they are not prepared, they are not really truly prepared to go on to the next grade. >> reporter: airan adam chkova teaches spanish. she doesn't think that should stop all students. >> i'm thinking that getting rid of the d grade is sort of masking the fact that yeah, a lot of our kids are not planning ongoing to college. >> reporter: a d gets you credit to graduate but doesn't count for college. without a d there could be more kids repeating classes. >> there are a lot of kids just getting started with really using their thought processes, really being academic. it's tough for someone to really get in trouble with that. the d keeps them in the game. >> reporter: ever get a d? >> once. i got a chance to go talk to my teacher to see if i could raise it back up. i got it back up to an a. a good thing. >> reporter: to an a? >> yeah. an a.
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[ yelling ] >> it's not a story chris farley liked. mike sugerman, cbs 25. well an itsy bitsy spider turning into a major problem. why the eight-leg citer is forcing recalls of some mazdas. and there is a mystery off the coast. what is killing the california sea otter. the day it will rain this weekend, we'll pinpoint that day, plus snow in tahoe. all as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5.
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for coverage this year than they did last we're. >> it's for consumers, especially when there isn't really another option for people, these individuals, health insurance. >> every time there's an increase people buy that, you know, they reduce their benefits, they raise their deductibles, or they just drop coverage altogether. >> anthem blames the economy and climbing medical costs. consumer advocates say that is untrue. they say medical inflation has been rising only in the single digits for the last few years. well a tiny spider is, tonight, prompting the recall of tens of thousands of cars. we're not kidding. take a look. this is it. it is called the yellow sack spider, smaller than a nickel, so how can this little guy cause so much trouble. grace lee takes a look under the hood? >> this little guy is causing all this chaos. why is it choosing mazda's? >> i have no idea.
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>> reporter: meet the yellow sack spider, a nocturnal arrack niittymaki that is partial to the mazda 6. it's the reason the company had to recall 65,000 cars. >> they are attracted to warm places. >> reporter: marty buxton the curator at the museum says the spider wanders around and rarely leaves the web. apparently it makes an exception when it enters the confines of the mazda 6. >> i'm assuming that's what this tubing is attracting them for is it's small enough to be a good spot to lay eggs or shed their skin. >> reporter: how could something that is only a few millimeters long cause such a big problem in a whole car? according to the national highway traffic administration it crawls in an area near the fuel injection, that could cause a crack causing gas to spill and then there would be a risk of fire. >> you can call that the spider hotel. >> reporter: at the allen mazda
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subaru he says he saw cases like this. >> soon as they put their nest or web in there the system thinks that it's sealed and it actually needs to vent so where it needs to vent to atmosphere, the web is trapping it. >> reporter: it's such a specialized problem that just yesterday mazda sent the depth brush to remove the webs. >> it's just for the spider. >> reporter: does it creep you out at all? >> no, not really. i don't mind the spitedders. it's the row dents. i don't like seeing those guys. >> reporter: mazda says they'll install a spring in order to keep those spiders out starting in mid-march. tens of thousands of service calls answered all for an eight- legged cider. >> i'm sure he didn't mean to cause that much trouble. >> reporter: in walnut creek, grace lee cbs5. he was put to sleep, or so they thought. a stray puppy not only survived, he is now the dog hundreds of people want to adopt. this is three-month-old wally.
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he was brought to an oklahoma animal shelter with four other dogs who appeared thin and sick. the shelter couldn't put them in with the other strays so they were put down and disposed of in a dumpster out back. >> each one was pronounced dead with the stethoscope. you might say that he is an angel dog. >> so here is the story. the next day wally was found alive. the veterinary clinic checked him out, gave him a clean bill of health. his story has gone viral on facebook. the clinic has been inundated with offers from across the country and in canada from people who want to give wally a happy home. he is so execute. >> change his name to lucky. california sea ought terse were on endangered spiesy list. now they are dying in growing numbers. they have identified an alarming number of great white shark attacks on ought terse.
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you're gonna dodge that guy. they find it puzzling, they don't actually eat the ought terse, but sharks aren't the only problem. >> we know that ought terse are dying of heart failure. >> etch researchers say that the heart disease could be linked to the otter's big appetite which makes them vulnerable to toxic run off from land. >> roberta, what were you doing, show everybody what you were just doing. come on row better data. >> no, i thought it was so cute how the otter could hub rub his head and his stomach at the same time. not sure i could do that. so i was practicing. >> okay. >> all right. take a look at this right here. thanks dana. we had a blanket of fog that rolls into the coast again, haven't seen that in quite some time. tonight with the patchy extra as the along the sea shore it should not move on store. we have clear skies down to the mid-30s in santa rosa, 40s in san jose, low 40s in concord,
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clayton, so tomorrow morning the clouds at the coast. otherwise we do have lots of clear skies, brace yourself, make sure you grab your sunglasses, leave the umbrella at home. a weak ridge of high pressure building in right about here, not strong enough to divert an area of low pressure building way back there. so that is going to be moving into our bay area beginning with the north bay by late saturday afternoon, so meanwhile, while we'll have some rain arriving this weekend, it translates into snow in the high sierra, so if you're heading to the mountains make sure you have the chains. tomorrow let's call it on the sunnyside up. a few clouds drifting in, temperatures 61 to 67 degrees, eh it was 69 however the today in salinas. we do see the rain arriving by late afternoon north bay saturday. which means we'll have rain over the entire area sunday. up to an inch, generally a quarter or less, not a big rain- maker. a lingering shower possible monday, tuesday through
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thursday. pretty clouds, dana fuller from pleasanton captured these clouds for us today and we thank you dana and keep all the photos going to those are stratocumulus clouds, that was cute too. it was kind of like these. >> he is breaking open a little annaliney. >> we didn't get to see it again. he did this. >> go ahead. you can do it. pat your head. [ giggling ] >> i'll show her in the break. anyway, why is the california street cable car line shut down. we'll have the answer in tonight's good question. pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. ,, ,,,,,,
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it is a must for anyone who visits the city. a ride on a san francisco cable car. so why is the california street cable car line shut down? that's tonight's good question. cable cars have been running up san francisco's california street since april of 1878. but there are no cable cars running on it now.
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have you had any tournaments come by and say where are the cable cars, what's going on. >> every day i work here, 5 to 10 customers asking us, pretty much, where the cable car is, i have to send them down to powell. >> the california street line is torn up and it will be for the next 6 months. >> they are replacing the switches that allowed the mechanical components that keeps the cable car running. you'll not see the rail replaced, you'll see some work done on our services. >> here is the deal. the streets along california were going to be torn up to access utilities for the terminal. it was a good time to do maintenance below. >> we're doing utility, we're going to have the car shut down anyway, they decided to do a lot more work on the streets because of the pavement. it's like 25 years old, '84, '85. pulleys, switches and components that need switching, and the huge wheels that move
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the cable along california will remain silent. go to click on "connect" to send me your good question. could a giants starting pitcher get shut down too? inn dennis o'donnell. it is the longest home run of the spring. guess who hit it next. ,, (announcer) roundup extended control is
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kills and prevents.
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pohlen... the two are part of a nobody has enjoyed mains pavilion more than jeanette speeder son, they are part of a class that has gone 60-0 during their four years on the farm. stanford last week clinches the 11th straight pac-10 title. cal gave them a little scare, 17-12 lead in the first half. rochelle fed rico led them with 16. they were only down 5, but stanford turned up the defense holding cal to just 18 points, kayla peterson the steel, break away, stanford beat cal 75-51 to finish off another undefeated pac-10 season, that's the second time in a row they have done that. the sharks aren't quite as hot but they are close. hosting detroit tonight. dany heatley scored two goals
11:29 pm
in february. he matched that total tonight. that puts them up 2-1. wings goalie joey macdonald, he strays a little too far from home, and the puck goes in the net. patrick marleau scores. the sharks beat detroit 3-1, they now won 8 straight. climbed all the way up to third in the western conference. giants pitcher matt cane was scratched from this afternoon's start as a precaution now after an mri revealed right elbow inflammation. cane to reporters, don't panic. our cameraman had a little hang over, but watch he recovers, bus tier posey. 450 pete from home plate. that's the first run given up by a rocky starter this spring. lyle boeing a son broke into the big leagues with the giants 11 years ago, since then he has been to other organizations, been to japan but back. the a's signed josh willingham to add a little pop
11:30 pm
to the mid-of the lineup. look at the people in the outfield. come on, come on. for crying out loud. everybody is around. anyway, the brew crew comes back to win 11-9. offensive lineman and form you are number 2 pick, robert gallery, number 76 there. he will not return to the raiders because he wants 8 million per year. the team is offering 2.5 million, in short they are farther apart than cbs and charlie sheen. >> it's like winning. okay. so the president has two warps, a middle east meltdown, a foreclosure crisis and way too many republicans in the house and he is supposed to be worried about the nfl work stoppage? no. . >> my expectation and hope is that they'll resolve it without me intervening because it turns out i've got a lot of other stuff to do. [ laughter ] number 4, the 82 old food
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machinery corporation building was demolished to make way for the san jose earthquake's new $50 million stadium that could open as soon as 2012. number 3, 54-year-old nick price hasn't played a pga event since 2008. so much for the rust. he is three strokes back off the lead after the opening round at the honda classic. >> going to rake the sand. >> no, you don't rake the sand. that's the caddy. chris bosh, this is not what he signed up for, a facial. miami blue a 24-point lead and lost. back to cactus league, spring training for everybody including dana king. >> oh, he is so safe. >> he is so safe. you know -- >> oh, no. >> that's josh willingham, the man who through the ball, he is out at home plate of course, we're just testing dana. this is spring training, this is not official. but i was at the -- >> i'm gonna need a new picture clearly. what's important here, it's spring training.
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>> yeah. anyway, i was at the elk's lodge, somebody said "i can't wait until the season starts so i can hear dane a. >> i had a good year last year, i was batting 900 and something. >> you had a bad year starting this year, your hair went grey. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,
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